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End the use of log burners and fire pits in smoke control areas

We the undersigned petition the council to end the use of wood burning and multifuel stoves in domestic dwellings in smoke control areas. The smoke they produce contains dangerous particulates and carbon emissions that irritate the lungs. Wood smoke and coal smoke are both linked to cancer and other serious life limiting diseases. The smoke circulates and settles in the air and gets into neighbouring homes causing health issues in people who do not wish or can do anything about breathing it in. It causes smog and general poor air quality which is unhealthy for exercise or even just being outside. In the enlightened realisation that Covid 19 attacks people with lung issues, the need to get people out exercise the urgency of ending the use of log burners and multifuel stoves to clean up the air is absolutely necessary. Fire pits made for use in gardens as bbqs or just features add to this problem and are a rediculous and totally unecessary source of pollution that must be ended.

My petition comes as a result of suffering the pollution from a growing number of smoking domestic chimneys and flues in my area. The pollution has turned the air quality in my area into poor and inpredictable in short time of a few years. You can no longer be sure of being able to open a window or go in the garden. Even going for a run is something that has to be timed to early morning if you want to avoid breathing in smoke. It is frequent that I have to close my windows and vents to stop smoke getting in from outside, and turn the kitchen extractor on to suck smoke out from my home. Tbis is my home. I want to be able to live in it safely and feel happy. I don't of course. Winter is horrendous after about midday. Afternoon seems to be time most people want to light up and getting worse around early evening. You can see the smoke pouring out of chimneys. I live in a smoke control area and yet the current laws seem powerless to deal with this issue. At least, nothing effective has ever been done to stop it resulting from my reports to the council environmental services. I am getting desparate for someone to do what is needed to rise above those who promote log burners to be 'green' and see the reality of the damage to air quality and communities they are really doing. Maybe now when the council declares its ambition to be zero carbon by whatever date it is is the catalyst to do something about this awful problem exists.

Started by: Jennifer Henderson

This ePetition ran from 14/08/2020 to 25/09/2020 and has now finished.

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