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eScooter riding academy and safespace for children

We the undersigned petition the council to support and allow the creation of training academies on private or council owned and purposefully identified land(safespaces) by trained professionals, and businesses in not for profit projects.

We the signed support the petition to educate young children and teenagers who currently ride electric scooters and are interested in this new technology.

Modules in the program draft include:

1) Discussing the benefits of electric micro-mobility versus the negatives.

2) Training riders in how to maintain an electric scooter to increase safety, protecting themselves and others.

3) Strengthening participants understanding of the importance of awareness of surroundings and speed limitations, safety and head protection, riding etiquette and the law.
4) Providing a series of practical riding lessons, personal assessments and individual and group graduation, to potential ambassador level.

5) Look to promote these graduates and ambassador representatives in each school. So as to increase the understanding of their peers, thus creating safer communities.

6) Arrange and Conduct council authorised meetings run by volunteers.

7) Academy educator follow up visits to graduates and their respective schools giving demonstrations by the graduates to their peers during after school groups to encourage a generation of aware of the need to change to electric modes of transport, whilst also being far more conscious of safety for both riders and pedestrians

8) Further visits to comprehensive schools to discuss the needs of the future for the new skills economy of Sheffield leading up to 2030 commitments.
Topics to include the huge potential for this and future generations to think of skills shortages, the foundation of vocational learning, work placements, apprenticeships, college courses and degree level aspirations for all types of electric travel in the future.

Sheffield City Council, local businesses and support agencies to collaborate in bringing the skills and resources together to this program which is of huge benefit Sheffield's younger generation, and in doing so be a positive move to the wider population of the city.

This to be the first ever project of its kind in the UK, which will be replicated throughout in due course.

Started by: Gordon Riley (Electric England Ltd)

This ePetition ran from 01/01/2022 to 01/03/2022 and has now finished.

20 people signed this ePetition.