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Yes to community garden crag view crescent

We the undersigned petition the council to leave the garden of 98 Crag View Crescent, Oughtibridge as it is . SCC have apparently had one complaint about the size of the garden. No one else has complained about this and we see this garden as a community garden not a communal garden. The the surrounding neighbours of 98 Crag View Crescent often walk by and smile at the beautiful flowers and plant there own little bulbs etc to it . My grandson and I added a strawberry plant last year and when he visited me we go down and take a look see how it has grown.

A great time and effort and cost has gone into maintaining the garden by Linda and Steve who are a blessing to this neighborhood with the knowledge of plants and often handing out seedlings so people can also enjoy the natural world in there garden too. When we were in lock down it was a place to go and reflect amongst the flowers and quirky little signs others had left reaching out to the community withouth been together due to restrictions.
Please do not let this little plot of land have to be left to over grow and to be an eye sore. We all have a vested interests in this and let's keep the community as one .

Started by: Ellie Judge

This ePetition ran from 02/03/2022 to 13/04/2022 and has now finished.

156 people signed this ePetition.