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Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Sue Alston12110
Councillor Angela Argenzio22200
Councillor Ian Auckland11100
Councillor Sue Auckland14130
Councillor Steve Ayris17170
Councillor Andy Bainbridge000
Councillor David Baker000
Councillor Penny Baker14130
Councillor David Barker1780
Councillor Fran Belbin110
Councillor Victoria Bowden15140
Councillor Mike Chaplin11100
Councillor Lewis Chinchen21200
Councillor Jack Clarkson000
Councillor Simon Clement-Jones14130
Councillor Ben Curran14130
Councillor Lewis Dagnall000
Councillor Dawn Dale19180
Councillor Tony Damms16120
Councillor Roger Davison23220
Councillor Alexi Dimond10100
Councillor Julie Dore000
Councillor Tony Downing850
Councillor Mike Drabble760
Councillor Jackie Drayton000
Councillor Jayne Dunn16160
Councillor Denise Fox17140
Councillor Terry Fox1490
Councillor Peter Garbutt21190
Councillor Neale Gibson19120
Councillor Christine Gilligan11100
Councillor Julie Grocutt18150
Councillor Brian Holmshaw16160
Councillor Alan Hooper990
Councillor Tim Huggan14140
Councillor Adam Hurst000
Councillor Dianne Hurst18170
Councillor Talib Hussain16130
Councillor Mazher Iqbal1560
Councillor Bob Johnson000
Councillor Douglas Johnson19180
Councillor Francyne Johnson1370
Councillor Mark Jones15140
Councillor Abdul Khayum880
Councillor Alan Law420
Councillor Mary Lea1070
Councillor Mike Levery15130
Councillor George Lindars-Hammond17170
Councillor Bernard Little14140
Councillor Bryan Lodge13130
Councillor Mohammed Mahroof19190
Councillor Barbara Masters13130
Councillor Bob McCann16130
Councillor Cate McDonald16160
Councillor Karen McGowan25250
Councillor Ruth Mersereau13110
Councillor Ruth Milsom19160
Councillor Ben Miskell770
Councillor Abtisam Mohamed14130
Councillor Shaffaq Mohammed980
Councillor Anne Murphy11100
Councillor Zahira Naz21180
Councillor Moya O'Rourke1030
Councillor Joe Otten26240
Councillor Kevin Oxley11110
Councillor Josie Paszek23210
Councillor Martin Phipps16150
Councillor Peter Price16150
Councillor Vickie Priestley21200
Councillor Bob Pullin000
Councillor Maroof Raouf11110
Councillor Sioned-Mair Richards28230
Councillor Kaltum Rivers15130
Councillor Mick Rooney24200
Councillor Chris Rosling-Josephs22210
Councillor Colin Ross1090
Councillor Safiya Saeed1080
Councillor Andrew Sangar (MBE)22180
Councillor Jackie Satur990
Councillor Jack Scott1280
Councillor Richard Shaw12120
Councillor Gail Smith880
Councillor Martin Smith10100
Councillor Jim Steinke000
Councillor Alison Teal16160
Councillor Sophie Thornton1090
Councillor Paul Turpin17170
Councillor Garry Weatherall21200
Councillor Ann Whitaker11110
Councillor Richard Williams19180
Councillor Sophie Wilson1070
Councillor Paul Wood18140
Councillor Alan Woodcock21190
Councillor Cliff Woodcraft18170
Councillor Ann Woolhouse14130